Fellowship of Christian Student

* The centrality of the word of God as basis for our life and work
* Evangelism and discipleship among children and youth
* Capacity building and leadership development
* Sacrificial volunteer spirit
* Call of God

To deepen personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ among members and
to help them to see the relevance of their faith to their
studies and life as a whole

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  • Since 1954, Christian Leadership Courses were held each year to build up Christian Students in Northern Nigeria in the Christian faith ...
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  • AID 4 Life

    Our visions a self sustaining programme committed to positive behaviour change of children and young people with stable godly family

  • SU Worldwide150 years celebrations 10-15th November, 2017:

    FCS celebrates with Scripture Union Worldwide 150 years.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCRIPTURE UNION! The countdown has begun to Scripture Union s 150th Anniversary worldwide of which FCS is an autonomous member. What an exciting time to be part of the SU Family!
    This is the first of a number of regular 150th Anniversary Updates you�ll be receiving over coming months. We want to provide you with ideas and tools to help you celebrate the very start of SU ministry during 2017. This important milestone is a great opportunity to promote the work of SU/FCS and develop some fundraising opportunities in our ministry context. These updates are to keep you and your colleagues informed of plans and resources as they become available to help you with celebrations in your formation. We will also share exciting news about celebrations around the world, as well as news about the first Global Assembly in 10th-15th November 2017.