It is located in the Northern Eastern part of Nigeria with 21 local government areas. It is majorly dominated by Christians and Muslims i.e. (50:50) by own rating. Some of the dominate languages here are the Bachamma, Kilibah, Mitchika,Chamber, Nongoda, Bura etc. Adamawa FCS State House is located at NO.3 Dumne Street, Karewa Extension, JImeta, Yola. The FCS State Office is just behind LCCN Cathedral Jimeta. We currently have 14 zones Operational with FCS.

These are;
1. JIMETA ZONE ---------CHAIRMAN - 07030550118
2. YOLA ZONE-------------CHAIRMAN- 08060794207
3. GIREI ZONE------------- CHAIRMAN- 0703360747
4. SONG ZONE------------SECRETARY- 08032611673
5. GOMBI ZONE---------- SECRETARY- 08032159608
6. HONG ZONE-----------CHAIRMAN-- 07035891753
7. MUBI ZONE------------ SECRETARY-- 07039312053
8. UBAGAYA ZONE------SECRETARY--- 08030923791
9. NUMAN --------------CHAIRMAN---- 07069542345
10. MAYO-BELWA-------SECRETARY----08064363238
11. GANYE--------------- SECRETARY------07031907414
12. GUYUK----SECRETARY--- 08069313772
13. FOFURE-----CHAIRMAN----0909988675
14. TONGOU-----

S/N POST       NAME      GSM
1  Chairperson     Mrs. P.A Bakari    08034495302
2  AFCS Cord.    Mr. Monday Philip   07035581147
3  State Financial Secretary     Mrs. E. Kalu    07036423654
4  State Treasurer     Mr. John Moses   07035276648
5  Vice chairman    Bartimacus Dowell   07035891753
6  Aid4Life Cord.    Tosen Elisha   08131666916
7  State Secretary    Mr. Polycarp Iliya   07064253358
8  Assist. State Sec.     Paul Chukwu   08057126585
9  Training Secretary     Agbidye Daniel   07061112368

An FCS activity in state is moving on fine to a great extent except that more hands still need in this field. We carryout conference, Rallies, Schools Visitations, Workshops, and Seminar and other special programs in the Zones and state level. The state also more than 16 branches of Associate Fellowship of Christian Students, AFCS. It has 12 POSEC Branches spread across the state. The population size of Adamawa state should be roughly about a 3 million and the people here are predominantly farmers. The people are friendly and very lovely to be with. The predominant churches are; LCCN, EYN and Few Pentecostal assemblies compared to other places. The common lingua franka is the Hausa language.