The Directorate of Administration was approved by the FCS National Council more than a decade ago. The Department is still growing with the Director as Mrs. Efe Debi Omorebokhae who was appointed as Director of Administration in October 2013.



The department deals with the general day to day running of the organization as it affects the physical and spiritual staff welfare, accommodation, punctuality, discipline, movement, casual, maternity and annual leave matters, all personnel matters e.g. appointment and promotion, maintenance and update of staff position, rank and file.
Maintains an effective channel of internet, verbal telephone and written means of official communication, deals with policy matters, manages information and maintains an open and secret registry that services the needs at the headquarters and an efficient filing system.

The security matters as pertains to the office premises, moveable and immovable assets, estate of the organization, with a comprehensive asset register compilation, procurements, storage, public relation matters, several other administration related duties, all geared towards achieving the organizational goals.
The department has grown over the years with added responsibilities of maintenance of the FCS National Headquarters Guest House which has made the workload very cumbersome. In recent years, the organization has grown and added several other departments. As a result, more staff strength is required. Every facet has over grown the current staff strength and thus calls for serious expansion.


  • Efe Debi Omorebokhae (Mrs.) Director of Administration
  • Dennis Nyinebi Oku Senior Media Officer
  • Oladayo Ruth JamesSecretary
  • Philemon Dershi Cleaner/Gardener
  • Peter Longwul Security Officer
  • Peter Damian Security Officer
  • Samuel Dakat Security Officer
  • Monday Haruna Security Officer
  • Davou Alamba Security Officer
  • Sati Ajau Security Officer
  • Benjamin Saiki Driver
  • Haruna Nengak Driver